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At K9katelynn we specialize in training dogs and helping their owners with their training. Therefore, our theme of “Helping people and dogs come together for a common cause” is exactly that.  We feel that dogs are really one of “God’s” greatest gifts, one that you will hopefully enjoy for years to come!

We have found through proper training that a dog will give you several years of knowing how a dog should behave and for you and/or family to enjoy your dog!  Our training is done all through positive reinforcement! We do not believe in shouting, hitting, shocking or raising your voice as training methods. We have many proven positive training methods. At K9katelynn we do not limit our training to any one method! We can either compliment what you are doing or assist you and your dog in new and proven methods! We equally believe in client testimonials and will provide them upon request.

We do a complimentary evaluation of your dog at your house/apt. Therefore, we are able to see you and your dog in its natural setting.  Upon observing you and your dog, we ask several questions about your dog and what you would like to do.

Upon completion of this we can then determine a price and plan the fits your needs.  We have found this to be an affective way of being up front and giving an accurate quote on what you really want and what we really see in you and your dog’s natural environment!

We train all types, sizes, ages and genders of  dogs! You may call us at  480-688-6828 or email to K9katelynn@aol.com.